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Hi!  My name is Danielle Franke and I am

the owner of EPIC Dog Training here in

Tampa Bay.  After teaching kindergarten

for 17 years, I rescued Zeus, a 16 week

old, black lab puppy and that is when my

world changed.  Like any first time dog

owner, I was determined that I wanted

Zeus to be well behaved. I did my research

and went about finding ways to help

encourage both his physical and emotional



After many puppy training sessions, walks

and dog park visits, it became apparent

through my educational background, that

there was a huge correlation between the

way dogs and young children learned. 

Determined to find out everything I could,

I decided to go back to school and earn my

Canine Specialist Certificate.  At the time, I

wasn’t sure what I would do with the degree,

I just wanted to know everything there was about canines, so that I could ensure Zeus had everything he needed. 


Now, two years later, here I am, a Canine Specialist, dog trainer and owner of EPIC Dog Training. Dogs are my passion. I am determined to help other dog owners like myself bridge the gap between us and the canine world through exercise, positive reinforcement, instruction and consistency (EPIC).  So if you’re considering adopting a puppy, let EPIC help you navigate what breeds fit best with your family’s lifestyle.  If you have just brought your new puppy home, congratulations!  Let EPIC help you get started on the right foot by building a strong bond between you and your new fur baby.  Have an older pup that needs help turning a few negative behaviors into positive ones? We’ve got that too. Give EPIC a call.  We would be honored to help guide you through this exciting new journey.

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Services & Pricing

EPIC Dog Training offers private and individualized training sessions to all our clients using

exercise, positive reinforcement, instruction and consistency strategies.

Each session is designed specifically for you, your pup and their specific needs. 

Single Hour Session


6 - 1 Hour Sessions


8 - 1 Hour Sessions


4 Week Package


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